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College of Bioresources Chemical and Materials Engineering

College existing lightweight engineering, packaging engineering, printing engineering, nonwovens materials and engineering and other undergraduate majors. Professional first-class subject light industry technology and engineering is a national key subject cultivation discipline, with bachelors, master's degree, Doctorate Grant Rights, with postdoctoral mobile station.

College teaching staff Strength: full-time teachers accounted for 35%, senior titles accounted for 64%, Bo Guide 10 people, with doctorates and PhD in reading teachers accounted for 77%.


College of Materials Science and Engineering

The college has 4 undergraduate majors: Inorganic nonmetallic Materials Engineering major, material physics major, material chemistry, nanomaterial’s and technology major. Undergraduate students 1371 people, Master's degree 242, doctoral students 52 people.

The college currently has more than 120 teachers, including the "Outstanding Youth Fund" winner, the New Century "millions project" candidate, the Ministry of Education "New Century outstanding Talent" support plan, Shaanxi Province "thousand people plan", Shaanxi Province, "young and middle-aged innovation leading talent" and other countries and provincial and ministerial talents 25 people.


College of Environmental Science and Engineering

The college has environmental Science and engineering Provincial experimental teaching Demonstration Center 1, provincial teaching Team 1, Provincial boutique courses 1, for " Shaanxi Province Environmental Protection industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance "member units."

College teaching facilities are complete, strong teachers. With a PhD and PhD in reading teachers accounted for more than 90%, with Shaanxi Province, "Hundred people Plan" 5 people, in 2017, Shaanxi province, "thousand people Plan" 3 people, in 2017, Shaanxi province, "thousand people Plan" innovation talent Short-term project 1 people, the Chinese Academy of Sciences "Hundred people Plan" 1 people, Shaanxi Province, "Young hundred people


College of Food and Biological Engineering

The college consists of three departments, namely, the Department of Food Science and Engineering, the Department of Bioengineering and the Department of Pharmacy.

The existing faculty of the college 82 people, including 16 professors, 17 associate professors, 90% with Master's degree, Ph. D. Education, doctoral students, Master's tutor 36 people. In recent years, college teachers have undertaken more than 200 vertical horizontal scientific research projects, undertaken 15 projects such as the National Natural Fund Project, the national "Twelve-Five" and "Eleven-Five" major science and technology projects, undertaken 60 scientific research projects above the provincial and ministerial levels, and received 5 provincial and ministerial Science and Technology awards, and received more than 150 national invention patents.

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College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

The college has 3 comprehensive experimental areas, as well as mechanical experimental teaching center, Engineering Training Center and college Students Innovation practice base, in which the mechanical experimental Teaching Center is the experimental Teaching demonstration center in Shaanxi province, the college also has light industrial equipment manufacturing Intelligent Key Laboratory, Shaanxi province key Engineering Center-light industry machinery cad/ Cam Engineering Research Center.

In the past 5 years, the National Natural Science Foundation of the State, the National Science and Technology Support plan and the provincial and ministerial projects more than 70, to undertake more than 30 enterprise cooperation projects, to obtain 116 invention patents, published monographs, teaching materials more than 30, published more than 560 papers.

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College of Electrical and Control Engineering

The College now has 6 teaching units. There are 4 professional comprehensive laboratories covering more than 50. Professional laboratories, opening electrical engineering and automation, automation, measurement and control technology and instruments, computer science and technology, network engineering, optoelectronic information science and engineering, electronic science and technology, electronic information engineering, electronic information science and technology, Internet of Things 10 undergraduate majors such as engineering. The college has a second-level doctoral degree program for light chemical process system engineering, and three academic first-level master's degree authorization points and computer application technology for control science and engineering, software engineering and electrical engineering. Authorization point and three engineering master's degree authorization points for control engineering, electrical engineering, and computer technology. Currently, the college has 153 faculty members.

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College of Electronic Information and Artificial Intelligence

The college attaches great importance to the cultivation of students' practical ability and innovation and entrepreneurship. It has achieved outstanding results in various discipline competitions. In recent years, it has won more than 130 awards for various provincial and ministerial competitions. In the national college students electronic design competition, graduate electronic design competition, mobile terminal competition and other events, many times won national awards. In 2009, the first national college student computer mouse labyrinth competition won the first place in the country, won the 2013 National College Student Electronic Design Competition, the only TI Cup in Shaanxi Division, the 2017 National College Student Electronic Design Competition National First Prize and "Internet +" Silver Award for National Finals of College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. Graduate student Li Mingyong was awarded the title of “The Top Ten Moving Characters of Colleges and Universities in Shaanxi Province” and was elected as the “self-strengthening star model” of Chinese college students in 2010.

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College of Economics and Management

The college now has 7 undergraduate majors in Business administration, accounting, human resource management, marketing, international economy and trade, administration, law, etc. With light industry technology economy and management level two PhD points 1, Business Administration level Discipline Master's degree 1, enterprise Management, accounting, technology and economics and management, tourism management, such as two disciplines Master's degree 4, with MBA (MBA) and Master of Finance (MF).

The college has been paying close attention to the construction of teachers and teaching and scientific research. The college currently has a total of 43 professors, associate professors, Shaanxi province, "thousand people Plan" 2 people, doctoral tutor 6 people, Master's tutor 32 people, with Ph. D., Master's degree 82 people, the Ministry of Education institutions of science and Technology Teaching Steering Committee members 1, Shaanxi Province Business Administration academic and technical leader 1 people.

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College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

The college has five undergraduate majors in chemical engineering and technology, Applied chemistry, polymer materials and engineering, chemistry and petroleum engineering. The college attaches great importance to subject construction, there are 1 postdoctoral research mobile stations, PhD authorized one level of discipline, two grades of 8 subjects, Master's degree authorized a level of discipline 2, two level subject 10. Provincial and ministerial Key Laboratory (center) 4, Shaanxi Province scientific research and Innovation Team 1. The subject of chemical engineering and technology is the dominant subject in Shaanxi province, the national key subject cultivation discipline,

College existing full-time teachers 99 people, with senior titles of teachers 46 people. Master's degree or above 93 teachers, including 69 PhD degrees. There are 1 members of the Teaching Steering Committee of Chemical Specialty of the Ministry of Education, 2 special subsidy experts from the State Council, 1 young and middle-aged experts, the Chinese Academy of Sciences "Hundred people Plan" 2 people, the National Personnel department and other seven ministries "Millions Talent project" 1 people


College of Design and Art

At present, it has "art theory", "Design" 2 art level disciplines, "design" doctor's authorization Point, "Art design", "Fine Arts", "Radio and Television", "film", "Industrial Design project" 5 Professional degree Master's license points, as well as "mechanical design and Theory" and "Garment Design and engineering" 2 Master's degree in class two discipline; 9 undergraduate majors in visual communication design, environmental design, apparel and apparel design, product design, animation, broadcasting and hosting art, radio and television choreographer, Industrial Design, Fashion Design and Engineering, etc.

A total of 120 full-time teachers, with a PhD, Master's degree teachers reached 80%, professors, associate professors 33, provincial teaching Teachers 2 people, "Shaanxi University Humanities and Social Science Youth Talent Program" 1 people, school grade above the teachers ' moral pacesetter 2 people, School-level youth teaching "ten Jie" 1 people, many people have study abroad and study abroad experience.


College of Arts and Sciences

The college has three departments in mathematics, physics and foreign languages, including four undergraduate majors in information and computational science, Mathematics and applied Mathematics, applied physics, and English, with new energy materials and engineering, Advanced control algorithms and applications two level two master's degree authorization points and translation Master's degree authorization points.

The college now has 8 laboratories and 1 college students ' innovative practice bases, such as the University Physics Experiment Teaching Demonstration Center, the Mathematics Comprehensive Laboratory, the Applied Statistics Laboratory, etc.

The existing faculty of the college 169 people, full-time teachers with a master's degree of PhD staff of more than 71%. Over the past five years, a total of more than 200 academic papers, including SCI, EI, ISTP included more than 100.


College of Education (Continuing Education College, Vocational and Technical College)

The College of Continuing Education is the organizer of adult education in Shaanxi University of Science and Technology, relying on the strong teaching resources of the school, engaged in adult full-time, nighttime university, correspondence and other forms of study of undergraduate, specialized, tertiary education, with a bachelor's degree grant, covering science and technology, history, management, art and other multidisciplinary 57 majors,

The college also organizes various types of professional staff in the academic level of enhancement class, to run various forms of pre-job and post training, vocational qualification training and so on. Has the national computer Grade examination, the National public English Grade examination, the new occupation, the new type of national vocational qualification examination, satisfies all kinds of personnel to obtain the qualification certificate need.


College of Marxism

The college has the right to award the master's degree in the first class of Marxist theory, under the Marxist principle, the sinicization of Marxism, the ideological and political education and the basic problems of modern Chinese history, four two degree masters.

Scientific research achievements have been outstanding, has published more than 10 academic monographs, presided over 4 national scientific research projects, presided over 14 provincial and ministerial scientific research projects, 18 projects at the bureau level, including 31 vertical scientific research projects, the total amount of scientific research funds 752,000 yuan, horizontal scientific research projects 12, the total amount of scientific research funds 710,000 yuan, Total scientific research funding of 1.462 million yuan.


Ulster College

Ulster College, a Chinese-Foreign Cooperatively-Run School (Permit NO: MOE61UKA02DNR20191975N) committed to developing undergraduate education, is approved by the Ministry of Education in April, 2019 and co-established by Shaanxi University of Science & Technology, China and Ulster University, the U.K..

It has the longest enrollment period and largest teaching scale among all the universities in Shaanxi Province. It is also one of the two Engineering Colleges in Shaanxi which can issue both Chinese and foreign degrees.

Ulster College at Shaanxi University of Science & Technology strive to implementing national major strategy of "The Belt and Road Initiative" and "Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation". We will always uphold the principle of "Introducing Excellent Education Resources, Improving the Quality of School-running", to construct an international cultivating system, create a high-quality teaching team, and provide modern teaching facilities. We will focus on fostering talents with international vision, international rules understanding, multinational learning and global job-seeking ability.

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