Chinese Language Programs

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The Chinese Language Programs

The Chinese Language Programs of SUST offers Chinese language courses of eight levels covering beginners and advanced learners. The curriculum of the program includes Speaking, Listening, Reading, Comprehensive Chinese, etc.

Students are arranged according to the results of Chinese placement test at the beginning of the semester. Class size is approximately fifteen students per class. The program delivers 4 academic hours per day, 20 class hours per week. In addition, elective courses such as Taichi, Martial Arts, Calligraphy, and Chinese Cuisine are also available.Upon completion of the program students will receive a certificate and an official transcript. The program is normally one semester long, but students could apply for extension of their study period to at most four semesters in accumulation.

Course Setting

1. Chinese language Courses: Oral, Listening, Reading and Comprehensive Chinese

2. Chinese Cultural Courses (Optional): Taichi, Martial Arts, Calligraphy, Chinese Painting, Paper-cut, Chinese Cuisine, Chinese Song

3. Other courses (Optional): HSK Level 4-6, Business Chinese

4. Extra-curricular Activities: Tianjin city tour. Extra fees need to be paid for other travelling.

Application schedule for Chinese Language Programs

Fall-semester study: March 15–June 15

Spring-semester study: September 15–December 15


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