"Weiyang Mentor Forum"(509)

Basic Information

Academic information: "Weiyang Mentor Forum" series of academic reports (509)

Speaker: Associate Thomas Werner

Time: 10 November 15, 2019 10:00

Address: Lecture Hall, 5th Floor, School of Design and Art


Report Title: From Fashion to Video, Design to Trend of Thought

Reporter: Associate Professor Thomas Werner

Reporting time: November 15, 2019 at 10:00 am

Venue: Lecture Hall, 5th Floor, School of Design and Art

Graduate School/ College of Design and Art

November 13, 2019

Speaker's profile:

Thomas Werner, Director / Associate Professor of Photography, Parsons School of Design, New York, USA. Executive of the US State Department and Russian Cultural Exchange Program, curator of Russia's East Palace National Museum and National Center for Contemporary Art, and photography consultant for luxury brand COACH. The exhibition "The Threads That Bind" was held in the Petrozavodsk Velhod Media Center in Russia in 2018. In 2013, Thomas Werner Gallery in New York hosted a "Bridge a Cultural Collaboration in New Media" in the form of a video. Exhibition of "Natural Beauty" photographs at the Torch Center in Tomsk, Russia. Author of the new fashion reading "The Fashion Image", published in the Paris fashion magazine "IRK magazine", published his photographs and articles "the first movement" in 2018, published "witness", " Survey, etc.


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