Professor ZHANG Meiyun's team published a paper in the international top journal "ACS Nano" in the field of materials

Professor ZHANG Meiyun's team  published a paper in the international top journal "ACS Nano" in the field of materials

Author: TAN Jiaojun

Translator: HOU Yumo

Recently, Professor ZHANG Meiyun's team of the College of Light Industry Science and Engineering published a research paper entitled "Timesaving, High-Efficiency Approaches to Fabricate Aramid Nano fibers" in the International Journal of Materials, "ACS Nano". (ACS Nano, DOI: 10.1021/acsnano. 9b02258.). Our university is the only communication unit of the thesis. YANG Bin, a youth teacher of the College of Light Industry Science and Engineering, is the first author and correspondent of the paper and Professor ZHANG Meiyun is the co-author of the communication. Professor ZHANG Meiyun's team has been committed to the development of high-performance paper-based functional materials for many years, and has made important progress in the field of functional fiber materials and paper-based Nano composites.

"ACS Nano" is one of the most influential publications in the international chemistry field. The current impact factor is 13.709, Top Journal, and the 1st District of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. This is the first time that our school has published a paper in the journal. The publication of this paper has greatly enhanced the influence of our school in the field of material academic research.

Aramid Nano fibers (ANFs), as a new type of Nano-polymer material developed in recent years, have the dual advantages of Para-aramid fiber and polymer Nano-fiber, which can effectively solve the smooth and inert surface of aramid fiber. At the same time, ANFs can be efficiently combined with polymer matrix by physical/chemical/self-assembly cross-linking, making it a potential “enhanced building unit” for building high-performance composites, and an important interface enhancement in the field of Nano composites. With the toughening effect of materials, it has broad application prospects in the fields of electrical insulation, battery separator, adsorption filtration, and flexible electrodes. However, since the ANFs were reported in 2011, the long preparation period (7 days), low reaction concentration (0.2%), and low reaction efficiency of ANFs still plague their large-scale application and development. Therefore, the paper proposes a fibrillation/ultrasonic/proton donor coupling deprotonating method, which reduces the preparation cycle of ANFs from the conventional 7 days to 4 hours, and the obtained Nano fibers have excellent performance. The publication of this paper is expected to further promote the large-scale production and diversification of ANFs.

News Tips:

YANG Bin, engineer, Ph.D. in Materials Science, Northwestern Polytechnic University, the core backbone of HUANG Danian style teaching group, mainly engaged in the basic theory and application research of functionalization of aramid fiber and high-performance paper-based functional materials. As the project leader, he will undertake one sub-project of the national key R&D plan and one open project of the Guangxi Key Laboratory of Clean Pulp and Paper and Pollution Control, and host 5 horizontal R&D projects; as the core backbone to participate in the “National 863 Plan” plan, the national nature More than 10 projects including fund projects and special projects for science and technology in Shaanxi Province. The research results won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award (ranked 4th), the first prize of the Ministry of Education's technical invention (ranked 6th) and the first prize of the scientific and technological achievements of Shaanxi Higher Education School (ranked 3rd). For three years, journals of ACS Nano, ACS Sustain. Chem. Eng., Compos. Part B-Eng., Carbohyd. Polym., Cellulose, etc., the first/communication author published 5 papers in SCI 1 area, 1 paper in 2 districts. There are 3 papers in the 3 districts, 1 monograph, and 6 invention patents.

Article details:

Bin YANG*, Lin WANG, Meiyun ZHANG*, Jingjing LUO, Xueyao DING.Timesaving, High-Efficiency Approaches to Fabricate Aramid Nanofibers. ACS Nano, 2019, DOI: 10.1021/acsnano.9b02258


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