SUST joined Chinese University Entrepreneurship Space Alliance as the first group of universities

SUST joined Chinese University Entrepreneurship Space Alliance as the first group

Author: Academic Affairs Office ZHAO Rui

Release: FEI Guiqiang

Translator: HOU Yumo

On the morning of December 1, the inaugural meeting of the Chinese University Entrepreneurship Space Alliance was held at Zhejiang University. The leaders of the Ministry of Education, the China University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Industry Investment Alliance, representatives of local authorities, representatives of social organizations, and representatives of the crowd-creation space incubation team and related media participated in the establishment conference and related activities. Shaanxi University of Science and Technology became the first group of members of the China University Creative Space Alliance. The head of Maker Space of our university was invited to participate in the conference.


At the inauguration ceremony, WU Aihua, a second-level inspector of the Ministry of Education and the director of the Comprehensive Division, delivered a keynote speech entitled "Promoting University Organizational Structure Innovation and Stimulating College Innovation and Entrepreneurship." WU Aihua pointed out in the report that it is of great significance and far-reaching impact to promote the innovation of university organizational structure and stimulate the vitality of innovation and entrepreneurship in universities. It is necessary to accurately grasp the development trend of higher education, further bring into play the educating function of the crowd-creation space and the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and promote the national higher education Innovation.

After the meeting, representatives of our university participated in keynote speeches and round-table forum activities, and explored with many universities and government social forces to promote the development of creative space for colleges, universities, and enterprises to promote the development of innovative entrepreneurship education. Our school also participated in the activities of visiting Alibaba Xixi Park and Alibaba Dingding Park in the same period.

SUST has always attached great importance to innovation and entrepreneurship. According to the idea of“oriented to the whole, integrated majors, layered implementation, running through the whole process, and forming a joint force", the university make a full participation, face all students, and integrate innovation and entrepreneurship education into the entire process of talent training, formed the "three integration" innovation and entrepreneurship education system that combines innovation and entrepreneurship education with professional education, with practical teaching, and with the second classroom. The Maker Space of SUST was put into use in 2017, which provided a strong support for the school's innovation and entrepreneurship work. This time, our school is one of the first to join the China University Entrepreneurship Space Alliance, which provides new opportunities for our school's innovation and entrepreneurship work to achieve higher quality and faster development, and also provide a better innovative environment for teachers and students.


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