ARWU releases the “2020 Best Chinese Universities Ranking”: Ranking of SUST jumps 45 places

ARWUreleases the “2020 Best Chinese Universities Ranking”: Ranking of SUST jumps 45 places

Author: BIAN Ruirui

Release: DU Yang, DU Zhibo

Translator: HOU Yumo

Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) releases the "2020 Best Chinese Universities Ranking” today, and the performance of core indicators of SUST continues going well with the rank of 161st in China, jumping 45 places compared with 2019, showing a strong momentum of development.


The evaluation system of the “Chinese Universities Ranking” of ARWU uses the patented technology of visual evaluation and analysis of universities developed by ARWU, relying on the data from the "University 360 Degree Data Monitoring Platform". According to the relevant national policy, the ranking of Chinese Universities of ARWU in 2020 has undergone major innovations and comprehensive upgrades to its evaluation system. It has set top 10 evaluation modules including the school level, discipline level, school resources, teachers' scale and structure, talents training, scientific research, social services, experts' management, major projects and achievements, and international competitiveness, embedding hundreds of evaluation indicators, and involving hundreds of evaluation variables, which scientifically reflect the comprehensive strength of each university.


WU Shulian's 2020 Chinese Universities Ranking has also been officially announced recently, and the ranking of our university has risen for three consecutive years, ranking 178 nationwide. WU Shulian's "2020 Chinese Universities Evaluation" added the award index and fitness test compliance index of the Sunshine Group of the National University Track and Field Championships; the basic data source for talent training was changed to the annual "Graduate Employment" published by the universities on the Ministry of Education website and the Provincial Department of Education website.

In recent years, SUST has fully implemented the Party's education policy in accordance with the requirements of the national "double first-class" construction and the "four first-class" construction of Shaanxi Province, with the principle of developing morals and training talents, improving the quality of education. Also, SUST has always adhered to the "innovation, openness, sharing, disciplines, talents, quality" school philosophy, and adhered to the problem-oriented, goal-oriented, actively find the cause and difference, scientifically formulate the "three-step" strategy to catch up and surpass. Each work has achieved significant effectiveness. The subject ecology was further optimized, and the materials science and chemistry science list the top 1% of the ESI global ranking. Scientific innovation is bursting with new vitality. The school's natural index ranks stable in the global top 500 and ranks among the top 100 universities in China; it has repeatedly achieved good results in major projects, and its social service capabilities continue to improve. Talent training has achieved remarkable results. It has made further breakthroughs in national and provincial teaching achievement awards and student competition awards. 18 majors have been approved for national and provincial "first-class undergraduate major" construction sites, and 7 new engineering educations have been added. The construction of the faculty has been steadily improved, and more than 400 full-time teachers including discipline leaders and highly-cited scholars have been introduced. A historic breakthrough has been made in internationalized school running, and the Chinese-foreign cooperative running school—Ulster College of SUST has been approved. This is the Chinese-foreign cooperative education institution with the longest approved enrollment period and the largest scale of running schools in Shaanxi Province. The university's core competitiveness and overall strength have been significantly enhanced, creating further success for the SUST“first-class university”construction.


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