New breakthrough: For the first time, SUST was granted a Russian patent

New breakthrough: For the first time,

SUST was granted a Russian patent

Author: BAI Hanying

Translator: HOU Yumo

In 2021, SUST has made new breakthroughs in international patents, and has been granted a Russian patent for the first time. This year, SUST has authorized 17 international patents, including 11 US patents, 4 Japanese patents, and 1 German patent.

In recent years, SUST has improved the intellectual property management system reform, established and improved the intellectual property management process of major projects and carried out the construction of the intellectual property standard implementation system. Deploy intellectual property rights for major national and provincial scientific research projects, focus on national and provincial strategic emerging industries and relate industries in major economic fields, and focus on self-advantaged disciplines, key laboratories, collaborative innovation centers, and new think tanks. Patent layout, strengthen international patent applications and intellectual property training (including international patents), innovate agencies' round-the-clock school service model, carry out high-value patent value evaluation, patent navigation and other aspects to carry out intellectual property management, operation and protection. Up to now, in 2021, the school has applied for 1,454 patents, including 976 invention patents; and authorized 1,036 patents, including 602 invention patents. The total number of authorizations increased by 33% and 48% respectively over the same period last year. This year, the quality of patent conversion has been significantly improved. 115 patents were converted, and the transfer amount increased by 78% compared with the same period of last year. The "latest China University Patent Transfer List (TOP100)" ranked 20th in the country, 2nd in Shaanxi universities, and 1st in provincial universities.


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