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The University pays attention to international exchange and cooperation. The College of International Education (CIE), as a University-wide unit responsible for the admission of international students into various programs of study at the University. CIE also offers both degree and non-degree courses in the Chinese language. CIE’s Service Centre provides accommodation, board and other services to international students. Currently, the college has about 100students from 12 countries. All undergraduate and graduate programs of SUST are open to international students. Categories of admissions include regular degree programs and non-degree programs at various levels.The scale of the international student enrolment has increased at a fast pace in the ensuing years. Till 2018,103 international students have pursued their studies in SUST, among long-term students and short-term students.

SUST also holds several exchange programs with prestigious universities all over the globe. We have established relationships with key Netherland universities which are sending exchange students continuously. In addition, International Summer Camp, International Winter Camp and the Chinese Culture and Language Training Program are held yearly in SUST. The International College, in its capacity as host institution, gives long-term Chinese language courses to applicants of different competency levels. Meanwhile, we have established the long term and close relationships with the Industry Sectors of Pakistan, Bangladesh, and African Countries etc.

The International Student Building is equipped with a kitchen, refrigerator, washing machine, IC telephone, free Wi-Fi in campus and hot drinking water facilities on each floor. Hot water is available 24 hours, and heating is provided in winter. CIE has two buildings with over 200 rooms in different styles -- single, double, standard, and suite rooms. CIE’s Computer Lab gives access to the Internet for students. Other facilities include sports fields and gymnasium, etc. Board Food services are available in CIE’s Dining Hall. It costs approximately 900 yuan a month for a student to eat in the Dining Hall. Other services: Free services: Room reservation, Residence Permit and visa application, air and train tickets reservation, and picking-up at the airport or train station (for a group of 5 or more). Paid services: Picking-up at the airport or train station (for 1 to 4 persons), access to the Internet in the Computer Lab, printing, copying, fax transmission and receipt, and international phone calls. ScholarshipCIE offers scholarships for students who have studied for a year or more.

We sincerely welcome the students from all over the world to study in SUST.

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