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Light Industry Museum is located in the central area of Weiyang Campus of Shaanxi University of Science and Technology, built according to the Lake of Science and Technology, with a total building area of more than 4000 square meters.

The aim of the light industry museum is to protect and carry forward the outstanding historical and cultural heritage of light industry, to reflect the history of Chinas light industry as the main line, to take the history of scientific and technological progress and the history of light industry education as the main line, The history of the development of national light industrial enterprises and the history of the development of light industrial institutions are supplementary lines, focusing on showing the glorious course, brilliant achievements and influence of light industry on peoples lives, such as Chinas light industry, departments, research institutes and educational institutions.

At present, the collection of cultural relics and exhibits a total of more than 2000 sets, more than 100 sets of important cultural relics exhibits. The museum is divided into two exhibition areas, one is the historical theme exhibition of light industry development, the time axis of the four major plates: cradle of civilization, craft heritage; century wandering, made in China; inspirational forward, made in China; national rejuvenation, made in China. The second floor is the China Wisdom Exhibition, which is divided into four exhibition areas: consumer durable goods (ceramic industry, leather industry and glass industry), fast moving consumer goods (daily chemical industry, paper industry, food industry, etc.); Exhibition area in the field of culture, art, sports and leisure goods (spectacles industry, toy industry and others); light industry machinery and equipment field (light industry machinery industry, weighing industry and sewing machinery, etc.).

Light Industry Museum strives to become a top-class museum in Shaanxi Province, so that more people know and understand light industry.

SUST History Museum

Founded in 1958asBeijing Institute of Light Industry(BJILI), our university wasunderdirect administration offormer State Ministry of Light Industryandhad beenthe firsthigher educational institute focusing onlight industry since the founding of the newChinain 1949.Then in 1970 BJILIwas relocated to Xianyang CityofShaanxi Provincewhere itmerged with thePreparatoryOffice of XianyangCollege ofLight Industryand was granted a new name:Northwest Institute of Light Industry(NWILI). In 1978,NWILIwas identified by the State Council as one of the 88 key universities in China.After twenty years till1998,NWILI was handed over to local provincial government fromthe central ministryandwasincorporated inthe system of "co-governance fromcentral and provincialgovernmentwithlocalgovernance as main part".Approved by the Ministry of Education in 2002, NWILI was namedShaanxi University of Science and Technology(SUST).Then four years later in 2006, the mainpart of SUSTmoved eastwardto Xi'an,the capital city ofShaanxi Province.

Xi'an Campus :Xi'an Weiyang University Park, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province   


XianYang Campus :
No. 49, Renmin West Road,
Xianyang City, Shaanxi