Ph.D Programs

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The doctoral programs require 4 years. The programs are delivered in Chinese or English. The admission criteria are based on academic background and capability review and interview.

Here is the details for Master Programs:




College of Bioresources

Chemical and Materials Engineering

Light Industry Science and Engineering

1. Light  Industry Technology and Engineering

2. Bioresource Chemical and Materals Engineering

3. Carbohydrate Engineerin

College of Materials Science and Engineering

Materials Physics and Chemistry


4. Syntesis and Preparation of Materials

5. Functional Film and Coating Material

6. Electronic Information Material

7. Functional Composite Materials

8. Nanomaterials In Energy and Environmental Science

College of Environmental Science and Engineering


Resources and Environmental Chemical Engineering

9. Chemical Process and Conversion Technology of Renewable Resources

10. Chemical Pollution Control and Waste Recycling

11. New Chemical Preparation and Environmental Risk Assessment

College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Light Industrial Equipment and Control Thermophysics


12. Theory and Method of Modern Automatic Mechanical Design

13. Process equipment and system informatization

14. Theory and Application of Mechanical Design

College of Electrical and Information Engineering

Light Chemical Engineering Process System Engineering 

15. Process System Engineering Modeling, Control and Optimization


College of Economics and Management

Light Technical Economy And Management 

16. Light Industrial Technology and Management

College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering and Technology

17. Chemical Engineering

18. Extraction and Separation of Natural Active Substances

19. Synthesis and Technology of Fine Organic Chemicals

20. Natural products and spices chemistry

21. Waterborne Polymers and  Polymeric Surfactants, Functional Polymeric Materials Chemistry and Technology

22. Textile Auxiliaries and Biomaterials

23. Functional Polymer Materials

24. Application of Microorganisms

25. Separation and Purification of Bioactive Components

College of Design and Art


26. Design History and Theoretical Research

27. Regional Environment and Silk Road Cultural Heritage Protection

28. Industrial Design Engineering and Technology

29. Visual Arts and Media Design


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XianYang Campus :
No. 49, Renmin West Road,
Xianyang City, Shaanxi