SUST hosts the DI-NSA 2019 International Academic Conference

SUST hosts the DI-NSA 2019 International Academic Conference

Author:HU Qingqing, WEN Xiaofeng, YU Peng

Release:GUO Gaihui, DU Yang

Translator: HOU Yumo

From December 20th to 22nd, the "2019 International Conference on Data Intelligence and Neutrosophic Sets Theory and Application (DI-NSA 2019)" was held in Xi'an. The conference was hosted by the Chinese Institute of Artificial Intelligence and the International Society of Neutrosophy, and was co-organized by Shaanxi University of Science and Technology, Xi'an Polytechnic University, and the CAAI Artificial Intelligence Foundation. Vice presidents of SUST, Professor WANG Xuechuan and LI Xuejun attended the opening ceremony and communication forum respectively.

The "2019 International Conference on Data Intelligence and Neutrosophic SetsTheory and Applications (DI-NSA 2019)" includes University of New Mexico, University of Abel, University of Illinois at Springfield, University of Swinburne, Australia, 162 experts, scholars and postgraduates from Shahid Beheshti University of Iran, Gyeongsang National University of Korea, Jeonbuk National University of Korea, and more than 30 domestic universities participated. Representatives included Academician of Wales Academy of Sciences, Professor QIANG Shen, Vice President of Abel University, and NSIA Director Professor Florentin Smarandache, Professor CHEN Enhong, winner of National Outstanding Youth Fund, and other famous scholars, including 10 foreign representatives.


The meeting officially opened on the morning of the December 21st. Professor WANG Xuechuan, deputy president of our university, and Professor LI Pengfei, deputy president of Xi'an Engineering University gave speeches, warmly welcomed experts and scholars from home and abroad, and introduced the schools' running history and development status to the meeting representatives. Professor Florentin Smarandache of the University of New Mexico delivered the speech and gave positive comments on the convening of the meeting. Professor LIU Jianke, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences of SUST, Professor GUO Gaihui, Deputy Dean, and professor MA Yingcang, Deputy Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Xi'an Polytechnic University, attended the meeting. The opening ceremony was chaired by ZHANG Xiaohong, Chairman of the Program Committee of the General Assembly, and our distinguished professor.

A total of 20 conference reports were arranged at this meeting, and various academic exchange activities were launched. The participating experts and scholars conducted in-depth exchanges and heated discussions around the two main topics of "the mathematical foundation of data intelligence" and "uncertain mathematics and neutrosophic set theory and its applications", involving data mining, intelligent information processing, rough set theory, non- Classical logic and reasoning, three branch decision-making theories, neutrosophic set theory and applications, and other research directions, show the latest international research progress in related fields, the entire venue is filled with a strong academic atmosphere. During the meeting, the inaugural ceremony of the NSIA branch of CHINA was also held. Professor ZHANG Xiaohong was appointed as the chairman of the NSIA China branch.


In addition, experts and scholars from home and abroad also went to our university and Xi'an Polytechnic University for academic visits.


On the afternoon of December 20, Professor Florentin Smarandache from the University of New Mexico, Professor QIANG Shen from Abel University, UK, and Professor Eunsuk Yang from Jeonbuk National University, South Korea and other domestic and foreign participants made a special trip to our university for academic research, cooperative education, and mutual research in relevant directions Visiting scholars and other topics were sent for discussions and exchanges. Professor LI Xuejun, vice president of SUST, Professor ZHANG Sufeng, director of the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, and Professor LI Ning, deputy director of the library, attended the discussion. Professor Florentin Smarandache donated hundreds of e-books and paper books from our library to our school's library free of charge, involving mathematics, physics, information science and other fields.

This international conference has promoted the research and development of data intelligence and the theory and application of neutrosophic sets, provided an efficient communication platform for interdisciplinary scholars, and at the same time played a positive role in promoting the improvement of the scientific research level and international influence of our university. The meeting received strong support and cooperation from the principal's office, science and technology office, international cooperation and exchange office, library, electronic information and college of artificial intelligence, college of arts and sciences, etc., and demonstrated the vigorous spirit of Shaanxi Science and Technology University.


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